Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Saturday, April 27, 2013

History IS Wrong-Idols, Fallen Angels, ETs

"HISTORY IS WRONG", by Erich vn Daniken "The Gods of Prehistoric Man"- History Of Religion, by Johannes Maringer "HOLY BIBLE", St. James Version Why I am not a Mormon-ETs, Enoch, historical lies and written perversions of records caused by those fallen angels and their demons. And it makes sense about WHO made those huge pyramids in Egypt, and the 'strangers' spoken of in the Old Testament. They weren't just NOT known, but some they spoke of WERE strange-looking like the tall, long skulls that have been dug up or found by Archelogists. And those 'golden-plates' of knowledge Joseph received were clearly made by machines that didn't exist for man in those days. Those skeptics and 'de-bunkers' are those who don't want us to know the 'truth', (who Jesus is), ARE some of whom those strangers (strange-looking), who are still alive. But they won't be always as Psalm 82 tells us. They might live longer but they will die like men. There is also the scriptures I mentioned that helped the connection for me-Romans 1:20, the prophesy of us starting to be able to 'see' the invisible ones. Which high-tech cam-vids can do, when naked-eye can't. Plus, Colossians-1: 15-16. GOD created ALL visible and invisible. (The missing 'space' of memory, knowledge and understanding of a certain 'time' is being connected for me from the Bible, in the Old Testament of GOD, Prophets, Archeology, idols, and the Fallen Angels I now strongly suspect are what the modern world calls, 'ETs'. Extraterrestrials. Indeed, it is becoming clear how even some of GOD'S Elect shall be deceived. Revelation.) Watch the old movie: "The gods have gone crazy", and may see what I did, that those with higher intelligence and tools can be worshiped as 'gods' by amazing people..... I believe Mankind has 'amnesia' of knowledge about a 'space' of time in our history. Could very well be the reason preachers and priests think we're just still 'young' chicks when our world is really very old....or they are deceiving us on purpose!?
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