Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stupid Drug War is a Waste of Billions of dollars

DIRTY DEVILS are the American POLITICIAN Drug king-pins just for the MAMMON!!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gas Price Probe

Ban foreign oil and UNCAP OUR OIL-WELLS they promised to do when needed and it's needed NOW!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Published on May 5, 2013 | SIGN | SHARE | CHANGE AMERICA! Share this video and then sign the petition to help end inequality and change our country forever!

This is one of the most important issues our country faces right now and it demands everyone's attention or else the consequences could be catastrophic.

Breaking Inequality is a documentary film about the corruption between Washington and Wall Street that has resulted in the largest inequality gap in the history of America.

It is a film that exposes the truth behind the single event that occurred back in the early 70's that set us off on this perilous journey that we are currently on.

The inequality gap is presently the worst that it has ever been and there is no solution in place to repair this crippling problem.

No country in the history of the world has ever remained a super power without a middle class and the road we are currently traveling doesn't include this all-important segment of the population. The old saying "As goes the middle class... so goes the nation" holds true even more today than ever.

We live in a world where governments can create as much money as they want in order to fund all kinds of wasteful projects, wars, handouts, and banker bailouts. The current system by design has transferred the wealth from average everyday Americans to an elite few who care not about the majority.

Breaking Inequality exposes the truth behind the root of the problem and it provides a solution to help end it.

Our goal is to make enough Americans aware of the current system that is robbing them of their future, so that we can change the system all together.

We have to change our destiny or the middle class will cease to exist in the United States of America.

The time is now and the Breaking Inequality documentary will help lead this charge!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

History IS Wrong-Idols, Fallen Angels, ETs

"HISTORY IS WRONG", by Erich vn Daniken "The Gods of Prehistoric Man"- History Of Religion, by Johannes Maringer "HOLY BIBLE", St. James Version Why I am not a Mormon-ETs, Enoch, historical lies and written perversions of records caused by those fallen angels and their demons. And it makes sense about WHO made those huge pyramids in Egypt, and the 'strangers' spoken of in the Old Testament. They weren't just NOT known, but some they spoke of WERE strange-looking like the tall, long skulls that have been dug up or found by Archelogists. And those 'golden-plates' of knowledge Joseph received were clearly made by machines that didn't exist for man in those days. Those skeptics and 'de-bunkers' are those who don't want us to know the 'truth', (who Jesus is), ARE some of whom those strangers (strange-looking), who are still alive. But they won't be always as Psalm 82 tells us. They might live longer but they will die like men. There is also the scriptures I mentioned that helped the connection for me-Romans 1:20, the prophesy of us starting to be able to 'see' the invisible ones. Which high-tech cam-vids can do, when naked-eye can't. Plus, Colossians-1: 15-16. GOD created ALL visible and invisible. (The missing 'space' of memory, knowledge and understanding of a certain 'time' is being connected for me from the Bible, in the Old Testament of GOD, Prophets, Archeology, idols, and the Fallen Angels I now strongly suspect are what the modern world calls, 'ETs'. Extraterrestrials. Indeed, it is becoming clear how even some of GOD'S Elect shall be deceived. Revelation.) Watch the old movie: "The gods have gone crazy", and may see what I did, that those with higher intelligence and tools can be worshiped as 'gods' by amazing people..... I believe Mankind has 'amnesia' of knowledge about a 'space' of time in our history. Could very well be the reason preachers and priests think we're just still 'young' chicks when our world is really very old....or they are deceiving us on purpose!?

Friday, April 26, 2013

History Hidden From us: Fallen Angels-ETs?

They live in the heavens-the 'SKY'. And come to earth now and then.?

And we DO have lots of 'Pollution' in this day and age....does that give us an idea where we are in 'Time'?

Execration: 1. the act of execrating; a cursing, denouncing, dtc. 2. a curse 3. a person or thing cursed or detested.

"The Book of Enoch The Prophet"- One of the "Lost Books" of the Bible, translated by Richard Laurence

Friday, February 8, 2013

To Senator Rockefeller Whose Vid on Libraries Was Just Privatized

Good to know Senator Rockefeller. I've worked in a couple of Okla. City libraries and they talk trash about the poor and ill that comes to their place and are finding ways to ban them from checking out books. I would be much obliged and grateful if you had an investigation going in those libraries. Especially "DownTown Library" and "Capital Hill library on the Southside. I thank you for your thoughtfulness of late. Blessings.

Something I Have Been Wondering About Lately...

Lot of truths here I believe, but the intake of alcohol is something I am very suspicious of as scripture says you are not to judge what people eat, drink, put in their bodies as it comes out in the draught for what defileth a man comes out of his heart, (mouth). As well as the scripture that says to take a little wine for thy stomach's sake as well as for many infirmities. And that is another thing that makes me distrust preachers who claim grape juice is Christ's blood when it is a FACT; wine has alcohol in it and Jesus even made a lot of it for a wedding. Like everything else I read and discern meaning by thinking of Jesus and walking the narrow road which has a certain moderation that part of it. 

And this is what was posted on twitter today that I read:

What does the Bible say about demon possession / demonic possession?

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