Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Friday, February 8, 2013

To Senator Rockefeller Whose Vid on Libraries Was Just Privatized

Good to know Senator Rockefeller. I've worked in a couple of Okla. City libraries and they talk trash about the poor and ill that comes to their place and are finding ways to ban them from checking out books. I would be much obliged and grateful if you had an investigation going in those libraries. Especially "DownTown Library" and "Capital Hill library on the Southside. I thank you for your thoughtfulness of late. Blessings.

Something I Have Been Wondering About Lately...

Lot of truths here I believe, but the intake of alcohol is something I am very suspicious of as scripture says you are not to judge what people eat, drink, put in their bodies as it comes out in the draught for what defileth a man comes out of his heart, (mouth). As well as the scripture that says to take a little wine for thy stomach's sake as well as for many infirmities. And that is another thing that makes me distrust preachers who claim grape juice is Christ's blood when it is a FACT; wine has alcohol in it and Jesus even made a lot of it for a wedding. Like everything else I read and discern meaning by thinking of Jesus and walking the narrow road which has a certain moderation that part of it. 

And this is what was posted on twitter today that I read:

What does the Bible say about demon possession / demonic possession?

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