Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is It A Bird?

'UFO' vid taken on 3/5/12 @ 6:45:39pm

'Bird?' vid taken on 3/6/12 @ 6:46:44
(Sorry, got the days backwards creating the vid but it was the UFO the day before the Bird? one. ARRggh. Vids are frustrating for me to make.)
Still shots are frames I took from the vid and modified. Lighteness, darkness, saturation, contrast.

Sharpness button did nothing. No matter how many times I clicked it. I see no bird curves...or bats...
Don't see any wings.....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Inhuman Enemies Have Infiltrated America?

It's becoming very clear to me. The rights they are trying to take from us and starting to make war on us secretly taking our rights and means of survival like wages and safety net programs. 
Not only are they in Federal offices they are also in states where they are charging outrageous taxes against our humanity and adult choices like tobacco taxes and even easier to influence Americans to accept their loss of dignity use the abortion and homosexuality to get us to fight among ourselves which they consider a cover.
 But like the ETs all over the world these enemies are everywhere as well. And, using logic, reason, and common sense, it looks very possible they are as inhuman as they act and ARE ETs.
Why is our public servants in Federal offices supporting the destruction of our rights and life choices like most of the Republicans do and they want to pay big international offices to put into effect their 'force' over our private lives?
  Like CDC for instance. 
 CDC is a harlot for money. Like the Pharisees that stoned GOD'S prophets and called it 'good' does the same in taking away Americans rights and sovereignty regarding tobacco and call it for our 'good'. GOD forbid! Sue them or ban them from our nation forever or you will have American's blood on ur hands as well to deny our grown people their rights. But yet they don't say a dam word about suicide as it's as nonpunishable as any other law broken by an evil spirit when they can't touch you when you're dead. I can only see they are seizing this issue for MONEY and it is no less a sin than any they accuse us of. And the unrepresented tobacco tax is Usury. Truly, if I ever decide to suicide, I'll take some of those evil acting demon possessed human with me. They treat us like children when it is THEY who act so childish. Like children such arrogant superior people push again the boundary lines as far as they can to see how far they could push it or punished. They've went too far looks to me and should receive and reap what they sowed. Karma so to speak. Lifetime kind. How else could we have ever dreamed or had a nightmare our enemies would treat us if infiltrated into our nation? 
If you don't 'act' or support Americans, then you are NOT an American! Simple as that and act like an enemy.
What shall we do about our enemies? And what kind of punishment should be rendered to them? And what if they are not homo sapiens? How will we figure out how to punish them if there will be problems for decisions that would be for homo sapiens?

My questions for the day. Have a nice wet one like me!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

16. Paul as Jewish Theologian

A very good explanation of how rich crooks pervert some scriptures and misunderstand or deliberately use GOD to justify their crimes and sins for their riches.
(Satan offered Jesus worldly material goods and  property riches if he worshiped him. And Jesus said, "NO"!)

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