Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Friday, December 4, 2015


Years ago when I lived in Oklahoma City with so many intertwined libraries of cities grown together, I was rich in the amount of information of all religions. Near my end of the end of my strength to study all religions, the Jews were the very last. So, nudged in that direction, I discussed the subject with a reference librarian. She told me they had a copy of the Torah in their libraries I could request. So be it. I did among many other subjects. Shortly later, I received many books I ordered. As usual I brows quickly thru what I received to determine which ones to put them in order, most important to the least. This time, the Torah was important, but, most uncomfortable. I didn't check it so closely until it was time to start it. Agitation was a small description of how I viewed it. I've never saw a book created like this one. Huge, thick, but most upsetting was the discovering it was a backward book! Yes. Backward. Our books are written and read from left to right. The opposite can be almost a waking nightmare to do the. Exact opposite of what we were taught! And that was what it was. What was the back to us, was the front to them. First page. Was the one laying on what we thought was the front of a book! Wow, I was kinda freaked out at the beginning. Right page, then. Left page. Turn the page, then right page, then then the left... I thought, o well, I can manage somehow. Only the first five books of the Old Testament anyway! What the hey?! I challenge you now to read this yourself. I never got through the first book. I was reading, and can't even remember the name of the book I was reading. It was so difficult and frustrating, it was mentally so tiring I took it back long before it was due. It hurt my mind! Seriously. Why? One of my biggest questions about it. How could a book hurt my mind like this one? I love GOD, I love books and their knowledge, but never read one that hurt me mentally and physically. How and why would that happen? Many thoughts I had on this startling book, questions, but have never received an answer. Plus, the question also added the new books of so called translations of the bible, which are just personal options written as GOD'S word, that made me wonder more, and never forget. Was there a translation of the King James Version of the bible that was different than the first one I received? The first bible I received was beautiful. Red, withs silver edges. At School, surprisingly enough. I think it was a Gedion bible I first received. As a prize. The contest was this: given pamphlets of books of the bible and reading it closely and adding up certain words they required. The same word for each book. It made me so happy and feeling sucessful, I was proud. Of course I read very little of it after receiving it. But hey! I read it already, right? It took many years with some bible fun came in and out of my life, before I got really serious. Now I have to wonder of the puzzle of Torah, am I missing something? I haven't looked for it again, and where I am doubt I can find it. But most of all I wonder, why and what does the Torah and It's creation mean? Is it just learning what foreign people mean? Wouldn't Jesus be labeled as a foreigner? I've never studied anything like theology that has packed my mind with so many more questions. So my final question is, is this what makes you so weary for wisdom as I asked for in the first place? And I thought with humor when I was young, I could never be so tired. I was wrong. Any thoughts on the Torah I would love to hear.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I have a revised copy of the King James Version of the bible I keep re-reading. It's helpful for definitions of words I would have to look up in a dictionary. This is good and acceptable. But this is also why most churches would reject me if I tried to join but wouldn't because of the fact they are using new translations of the bible. That is a big no-no thing they are doing. And my sister was thrust away from churches who was angry she rejected them like I do. The reason is this: Translation means turning a foreign language into English. That's not what these new bibles are. They are interpretation or a person's opinion of each scripture's meaning like a preacher preaches in church. There have been a few times when reading a new book scripture on the Internet, and looked it up in my original bible that clashed and meant totally opposite things. That's bad. The Bible in original version was once called The Living Word, and it's meaning is this; every person who sees a different meaning in the same scripture in the same bible is part of the personal relationship with GOD, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit who Christ sent to us. To lead, guide, and even speak to the highest authority. All I see they are getting from this is to deceive and convert people to their wickedness, and Mammon. The sons of satan practicing iniquity. Big sin. Most of all, these places who make and sell these new versions are doing little different than those who sell. Pagan idols. THIS IS A MOCKERY OF GOD. AND GOD SHALL NOT BE MOCKED.

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