Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Religious War Of "Superiority" In America Today

Boehner vows to overturn birth-control mandate

My thoughts:

The Churches forbids the mention of 'Equality' as do the Republican party. I see Republican politicians belong to them.
I see Boehner works for the Vatican gov. He wants to give them total control over our nation as those 'churches' are nothing more than political franchise corporations. Jesus never used force...why does the pope want to? Clearly Catholicism is not for GOD. Those who are not for us are against us...I strongly suggest those women who are members of catholic churches read Revelation in their bible. In the end days that we are always supposed to be ready for even the elect shall be deceived. They appear to be the wicked religion of FORCE that wants to control the world. Catholicism means: Universal. And they want to rule it.

Looking at the whole picture there are many other churches that are no different than the Catholic ones. Those who have corporation licenses for Non-profit avoidance of taxes are heathens who are lying about representing GOD when they lust for money and power and make Him look by their 'superior' attitudes And care not for the harm they want to impose on people who do not belong to their church and don't believe in their harmful religious 'opinions' of force.
That in itself is Religious intolerance and acts of treason and anti-Americanism in our nation today.
Just as one of our biggest crooks boasted on media everywhere was a quote from the bible: "Those who are not for us; are against us." 
It is very harmful to a whole system when harm is allowed even encouraged toward us who are the REAL Christians.

Those who laugh last laughs best. And it's not over yet. I get the feeling they have been allowed to laugh at the poor, sick, and the children long enough. GOD has a point when He has had enough and His wrath comes to rest on those who blaspheme and make a mockery of Him and His son, Jesus.
I must keep asking these corporate churches: "Where is your Love?"
They seem not to know that one of the ingredients in Love is respect for your neighbors as they seem to demand for themselves.
Truly, if they gain enough power to force Jews to convert to their 'churches', that could be the last straw with GOD.
Is history repeating itself?
We shall see.
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