Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mean American Business Mobsters

NPR is obviously working for the dirty dog Republicans that work ONLY for the rich and refused to let me post this comment I was trying to give to a friend there about the legalization of marijuana article.

"Hmm...maybe so...but on further thoughts; at the beginning of legalization those guys could get some public respect. And it COULD be an advantage to we poor as the big rich hoodlums who get scott-free with murders, there could be a battle between THEM and the new rich businessmen....? I mean, I know they fight each other for 'customers' who take their money away. (alcohol and weed?) Before alcohol was legal in Okla. which was still a territory, the bar owners would end up killing their competition when they went into the same business. In fact, I almost got my ass kicked and banned from a bar once 'cause I went there for awhile, me and a friend and then decided to leave and going down the road decided to go to a nightclub wayyy out of town. Well, ended up a bunch of customers in the bar went out to the same club and the bar owner's waittress told her boss I took them out to the nite club!! Now way! That little witch lied, SHE was the one who talked them into it.But fortunately there were a group of people there the same nite and told me what was happening and they knew I didn't do it! Thank GOD I got an apology out of that! Those business people can be awful mean and vengeful. I'm not joking. But wouldn't it be better to pit those big fighting cocks against each other? :)"

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