Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Thursday, September 17, 2009


These trains are getting louder and louder with their obnoxious horns blaring and it's getting louder and louder the more they cut down trees or pull down anything that has muted them in the first place! The rich is stupid about the environment and the harm that loud noises can do to humans and we should begin a civil war if they keep acting stupid and hateful to get rich with any harm they may do to other people. I suppose it's just ok with them since they are so rich they can move to a quiet place UNLIKE poor people! Make them put themselves into finding a way to MUTE those trains or go to jail!

Will someone be kept awake at night so much they will go crazy and assasinate someone? Well, we will know, won't we?
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