Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!

Send The Warrior Angels Dear Lord!
Victory For The Lord And His People

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



In the store so many illegals were in the store driving baskets right in front of me and trying to get close enough to touch me. When I finished and ready to leave all the illegals rushed to the only check-out woman to go out. The nun was third one in the only checkout line.
I naturally went to the first empty line to lean and wait for those obnoxious, disrespectful, lawbreaking, bullies to get done so I could leave.
A lady came out to check and smiled at me and said she would check me out. I started over and the nun third in line tore out and came racing saying something nasty about it was HER turn and she worked for illegals and something about it was HER TURN, and I graciously let her go ahead. As she did she started talking about HER HISPANICS and me , and then started talking Spanish and looking at me hatefully.
Her Spanish and hateful tone and looks at me pissed me off and I told her maybe SHE don’t have no legal papers! Finally she paid and walked out. All the lawbreaking illegals surrounded the end of check-out lanes. Apparently they sent that one young illegal taller than my waist running over to me and hit my purse HARD and it hurt my back. Deliberately, clearly. I told him if he hit me again I would call the police. And don’t think I won’t.
Badly the truth must be this: the nun and the Catholic church are obviously breaking man’s laws. Like one, supporting the racist Mexican lawbreakers illegals who HATE Americans. And they must be the group that has had me stalked for so long.
Clearly this church accepts blood money. Laundering illegal’s money for selling illegal drugs. Yet they DO NOT want to support legalizing pot. Cause they don’t like paying taxes for their satanic business deals.
Religiously speaking they are viciously violating GOD’S laws and should have started expecting some of the worst rebuke from GOD they will experience.
They are hating their neighbors here in America. They have been hurting poor American citizens by making state and Federal government give money and programs to illegals that they have been denying poor, suffering, American citizens who it ONLY belongs to.
Although they still have lots of illegal drug profits they could have used for them.
Obviously these are Satanic people. I don’t have anything to do with Satanists! And clearly to me, any Catholic that gives any American citizen hell is a servant of Satan and deserves great punishment. Just wait ‘til GOD REBUKES them.

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